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Sealing and maintaining a proper door threshold provides many benefits for today’s homeowner. Weather stripping your doors will prevent moisture, air and insects from entering your home. Adding weather stripping around your doors will also save you money on your energy bills. The weather stripping you choose should seal well when the door is closed but allow it to open freely. There are so many styles and materials on the market. Here are the most common weather stripping products to help you choose the right type.

Felt Weather Stripping

The most common type of weather stripping is felt sold in rolls. It is incredibly affordable and easy to install. A high quality felt strip can be easily nailed, tacked or stapled in place to the frame of your door.

Felt Weather Stripping

Foam Tape

Foam tape weather stripping is ideal for irregular sized cracks and is available in varying widths and thicknesses. It can be cut to size with scissors which is good for applications that involve minimal compression.

Foam Tape Weather Stripping

V-Shaped Weather Stripping

You can get two different types of v-shaped weather stripping. The first one is a plastic v-strip that comes with an adhesive backing making it easy to install or replace. The second type is a metal v-strip which is significantly thicker and requires nailing. These are more durable and better at reducing air infiltration.

V-shaped Weather Stripping

Door Sweeps

A door sweep can protect you from cold air and unwanted noise. These can be ordered in a large range of sizes and lengths to perfectly fit the gap at the bottom of your door.

Door Sweeps


The simplest way to check to see if you need weather stripping products is to look at the door during daylight hours. If you see sunlight peeking through the door then it needs to be sealed. Picking the right weather stripping for your home is important and you should do it right away to save money! It’s essential that your final selection makes the cold air stay outside during these cold winter months. You can find all these types of weather stripping at Home Depot, Lowe’s or Amazon to keep your home cozy and warm.

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