Winter Work Gloves

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Winter work gloves are essential while you are raking snow from the roof or shoveling snow off your drive.

Work doesn’t stop due to the snow, but getting jobs done in the snow can be painful without the right pair of gloves. Frigid tools and stiff fingers won’t be a problem thanks to the insulated layers, waterproof coating, and improved dexterity found in the best winter work gloves. So keep your digits toasty and tackle those projects. Choosing your winter work gloves is just as important. We will dive into some of the characteristics of the glove to think about as you make your decision.

  • Warmth
  • Water resistant
  • Flexibility
  • Slip resistant
winter work gloves

Keeping the digits warm

The key to winter work glove warmth is the insulation inside the glove.

Gloves with only a single layer of material won’t protect your hands in frigid temperatures or from wind-driven snow or rain. The best winter work gloves have multiple layers of material.

An outer shell of leather or synthetic material protects hands from abrasions and injuries, while also keeping wind and water at bay. Inside, a layer of wool, fleece, or polyester insulation helps retain body heat and keep you warm. Wool is one of the best insulators, as it continues to retain heat even when wet, meaning sweat won’t affect your comfort. Fleece is second best, with similar properties to wool but less efficient. Polyester is the least effective of the three options.

Keeping the digits dry

Winter work gloves must be waterproof. The best way to damage your skin, fingers, nerve endings, and dexterity than to have soaked hands during frigid temperatures. Rubberized gloves keep water out, so while they aren’t very breathable, they’re an excellent choice when working in the rain and snow. Materials that aren’t inherently water-resistant (like leather and rawhide) can be treated with silicone sprays and additives to create a layer that sheds water so it can’t soak through. Although pigskin can be very water resistant as well.

Flex it out

It is a hard combination to keep your hands warm, dry and be able to utilize your hands to perform the job at hand. Believe it or not, there are many gloves out there that provide the dexterity needed. Dexterity will help with any mechanical repairs you may need to make. Snow removal needs less dexterity, however, you still need to squeeze the plow or the rake. So making sure the right combination is used to match with the job you are doing is best to keep in mind. Some winter work gloves even offer copper-infused fingertip pads to operate your phone without removing your glove! How is that for dexterity?

Don’t let it slip

Anti-slip gloves are usually made with silicone particles to create more friction and abrasion to help you handle your tools safely. Your hands won’t slip whether you are shoveling, raking or hammering a shelter keeping you and others safe.

Pick your favorite!

Home Depot has a great selection at great prices to order online! You can also check them out at Amazon or Lowes.

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  1. You are right about that, work doesn’t stop with the snow or cold. As someone who has hands that turn very cold quickly, these gloves are perfect (especially with their flexibility, warmth, and water resistance. (The information on each one of the tools/materials is perfect for understanding what I need).

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