Rakes for Spring

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Are you ready to clear debris from your flower beds and start landscaping your yard for spring? Rakes are effectively designed to gather dead leaves, tamp and spread soil or mulch. They are a classic tool preferred over the more advanced tools because of their price and how it handles delicate plants. Buying the perfect rake can be an overwhelming decision. Here are the main types of rakes and their uses to help you determine the best one for your tasks.

Leaf Rake

A leaf rake has a long handle giving you a wide reach to clear debris. It is also referred to as a “spring-tine rake” because of its flexibility to easily rake up different items on uneven ground. This rake will also allow you to enter awkward and hard to reach areas.

Garden Rake

A garden rake is ideal for breaking up clumps of soil when planting rows of flowers. It is best to use when gathering dried leaves, gravel or pebbles. They can also help to create a firm surface by tamping the soil after seeds have been planted.

Shrub Rake

The shrub rake is narrow and has a smaller group on tines. The tines are the teeth that form up the head of the rake. It is able to tackle tighter areas like flower beds and along sides of fences.

Hand Rake

Hand rakes have a short handle making it easier to landscape your garden with precision. You will need to be close to the surface while working and raking around smaller plants.

Thatch Rake

A thatch rake is a more specialized type of rake that generally comes with extremely sharp metal tines. This rake is more durable and works well on solid materials. It will scrape out the debris and is strong enough to pull it out from the ground.


It is best to hang your rakes in storage instead of piling them in a corner. This will prevent damage and keep them from getting twisted up together. Different rakes have different uses so you might need more than one. You can shop online at Home Depot, Lowe’s or Amazon for many different options for your landscaping needs.

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