Need A New Wheelbarrow?

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A wheelbarrow is a great addition to your collection of tools for anyone that has a yard or garden to maintain. Having a wheelbarrow can make your gardening this spring much easier and less time consuming. There are several different features and materials to choose when shopping for a new wheelbarrow. Here are a few of the choices that you will have when trying to decide which one to buy.


The size of your wheelbarrow will depend on the job and how quick it needs to be done. A smaller wheelbarrow is perfect for lighter loads which makes it easier for you to transfer. A large wheelbarrow can get the job done quicker but will take a lot a strength to move the bigger load.

Large Wheelbarrow

Shed Material

The shed material of a wheelbarrow is made of plastic, steel or wood. A plastic wheelbarrow will only be able to transport lighter materials. It is less expensive and perfect for mixing concrete or carrying fertilizer. A steel wheelbarrow can hold rocks, bricks and heavy items without buckling when overloaded with weight. It is heavier to lift but can get a job done faster. Wheelbarrows made of wood are usually used as planters to decorate your yard or garden.

Wooden Wheelbarrow


The handle of your wheelbarrow will also be made of plastic, steel or wood. A plastic handle is usually found on a plastic wheelbarrow which break easily. Metal handles are long-lasting and will not bend or break. They do however get very hot if left out in the sun. The wood handle can get rough and cause splinters if left in the rain.

Steel Wheelbarrow handles


Simple maintenance and storing your wheelbarrow inside can keep it working for years. You will want a wheel in front of the bucket that is easy to dump and maneuver. Check out several styles of wheelbarrows from Home Depot, Lowe’s or Amazon to decide which materials work best for your tasks.

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