Which Generator Is Best For You?

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Another storm system is bringing snow to the south this weekend and your best defense against a power loss is to have backup power for your home or business. Backup generators come in many styles and sizes and shopping for them can be confusing. Because shopping for the best generator can be hard, this list will help you decide which one is right for you.

Inverter Generators
The inverter generator is the most lightweight and quietest generator available on the market today. Because of this, an inverter generator provides unbeatable performance at an affordable price.


Portable Generators
A portable generator is smaller and lighter and good for personal use. Because it is smaller and lighter, transporting a portable is very easy. However, a portable generator can quickly provide you with power whether you are camping, tailgating, working or at home. This small, lightweight, portable generator can provide you with electricity when you need it most.


Solar Generators
Solar is becoming more popular as the demand for renewable energy increases. This makes power generation environmentally friendly, capable of saving you money, and gives you peace of mind during an emergency.

Solar Generator

Home Standby Generators
Home standby generators turn on automatically when power is lost. Because of this they are excellent for all types of emergencies. These permanently mounted generators are commonly fueled by reliable natural gas or propane.


Commercial Generators
Manufacturers build heavy duty generators in limited quantities for professionals and industries who recognize that quality doesn’t come cheap. These industrial power generators can generate power within seconds of detecting a power outage, allowing your business to maintain the power it needs to keep running.

Commercial Generator

Safety Considerations
There are several steps and safety considerations to take before starting any of these. Check out generator safety tips here.

To find the right generator for you, browse the many reviews and specifications at Home Depot, Lowes or Amazon.

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  1. The information on the different generators is amazing. The more I come on the website, the more I learn. Being from the North, these generators are very needed in the winter and can save you money and stress in tough times.

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