Fertilizer Spreaders

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Fertilizer Spreaders are an essential tool in helping your flowers and grass grow better. They will make your lawn maintenance work easier and ensure that all your plants are getting the essential nutrients. There are so many different fertilizer spreaders available which will differ depending on the model, size and terrain you are fertilizing. Here are three basic types of fertilizer spreaders to help you attain a healthy, lush green lawn.

Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader

The broadcast spreader is the most popular type of lawn spreader. It is a rotary spreader that is used to spread fertilizer on lawns randomly in a broader area. This tool will cover wider areas in less time which makes it convenient for larger yards. Raking the dirt before spreading will help the fertilizer settle and prevent the wind from blowing it. You will get a uniform spread on your entire lawn and is more accurate than spreading by hand.

Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader

Drop Spreader

A drop spreader is a tool designed to use gravity by dropping the fertilizer in a row. They are easy to operate and perfect for small to medium lawns. It has a smaller hopper requiring more refills but will provide accurate distribution in an even line. The drop spreader is also easy to navigate around tight spots with precise, controlled coverage.

Drop Fertilizer Spreader

Hand-held Spreader

Hand-held spreaders are distributed broadcast style by using a hand crank. These tools are the most accurate and are good for small yards. They are incredibly useful and can make a huge difference to your small and tight spaces.

Hand-held Fertilizer Spreader


The purchase of a fertilizer spreader is essential to maintain a green, lush and healthy lawn. You may find it challenging to find the appropriate spreader with all the choices available. Consider shopping online at Home Depot, Lowe’s or Amazon to see all the crucial factors.

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