Founders: Dom Del Monaco – Zachary Del Monaco

Order Now, LLC was founded in 2020 with the vision to change the construction industry by make peoples life easier and more efficient.

After many years working in the industry, we found the top problems in the construction industry are the stress, wasted time, and wasted money involved when purchasing construction tools/products. Order Now, LLC is the solution by allowing you to find the best product at the best price with the least amount of stress and wasted time. Our goal is to serve all those in the construction industry by taking away your stress, increasing productivity on the jobsite, and getting more capital into the pockets for you and your family.

“Growing up with a father in the construction industry, it is no surprise I was interested in construction. My father founded his company, Red Rock Industries, in the end of 2001. Ever since I could remember I always wanted to get on the jobsite and work. My father gave me the task of finding out where to buy specific quality tools at the best prices. Soon into this experience I found myself continuously driving around for countless hours searching for the best, highest quality product possible for the best price. I was constantly stressed and wasting precious time. When I arrived back at the job it was too late and the job was done. That is what I call wasted money and time. After discussing this issue with many other contractors, I said there had to be an easier way. How do I solve this problem many others and I have of wasted hours, stress, and time? I want something that is so easy a person who does not know anything about the industry can go online, order a product, and have it delivered to his desired location while having fun. That is when I thought of Order Now, LLC! I wanted to create something bigger than myself to serve others. Through Order Now, LLC I can do this. I plan to scale along with reach everyone in this world to help as many people as I can and build a city with Order Now, LLC. I will not stop until I achieve what is needed to be done!” – Zachary Del Monaco

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