Tools For Your Spring Garden

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It is a wonderful feeling to finally be able to get outside and start working in your garden! There are numerous garden tools necessary to prepare your spring garden and you may already have some of them in your garage or storage shed. The use of the right tools should be considered when starting or maintaining a garden. Having at least one of the following essential gardening tools will greatly assist you in providing good maintenance throughout the growing season.


A trowel has a pointed, scoop shaped blade and is used for digging or penetrating soil. It is an easy tool to use, durable and versatile making it a must have tool in any gardener’s toolbox. They can dig through tough ground filled with roots and rocks. If you need to move plants then this tool is easy to use in narrow crevices and tight spots.


The cultivator is a mini rake for your hand and can easily remove debris from around your flowers. This tool is designed to aerate the soil and bring oxygen to the root of plants. These gardening claws work great in tough soil as well as doing a quick aeration job.


A weeder is a vital gardening tool and plays a crucial role in regular maintenance. It is important to remove all the weeds in your garden to maintain the health of your plants. This tool is a narrow and sharp fork tool that is perfect for snagging lone weeds around your plants.


Spring is right around the corner and gardeners everywhere are breaking out their garden tool sets. A good garden tool set will make your gardening experience more relaxing and enjoyable. Before you head outdoors to begin planting this spring, check out these garden tool sets from Home Depot, Lowe’s and Amazon.

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