Sharpening Garden Tools

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Do you need to sharpen your tools to prepare for gardening this spring? A sharp set of garden tools including clippers, shears, shovels, loppers and pruners are imperative to keeping your plants healthy. Every blade will become dull and need to be sharpened at some point in time. Sharp blades are safer, more efficient and require less power. So let’s look at a couple of options to sharpen your garden tools and make the upcoming gardening season more fun!

Stones To Sharpen Your Garden Tools

Sharpening stones can be cut from natural sources or created using industrial chemistry. Using a sharpening stone will take longer and involves a little skill. Practice learning the correct angle is important. You will want to sharpen both sides of the blade equally using the same angle each time. The key is to go slow and concentrate using a steady hand. Sharpening your tools with a stone every few weeks will help to keep the blade in good condition.

Sharpening Stone for your garden tools.

Sharpening Machines

Machine sharpeners can be pricey but it makes sense if you have several dull blades. If you do continuous chopping and cutting then the edges of your blades will get bent out of shape quicker. The machine will save you a lot of time and hassle. They are more powerful and will get your blades back to optimal operating condition quickly. There are many user friendly options to choose from so do a little research and get the best one for your landscaping needs.

Sharpening machine for your garden tools.


Your blades should always be sharp and ready to perform their tasks with ease. Cleaning your garden tools after use is beneficial to prevent the blades from rust. You can also add a few drops of oil on the pruner or lopper nuts to lubricate the joints for smooth operation. There are several sharpening options to suit every blade at Home Depot, Lowe’s and Amazon.

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