Purchasing Options For An Ice Scraper

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Ice scrapers come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors to fit any budget. A reliable and well made ice scraper that will last multiple winters is key. You will want one that is strong, sturdy and small enough to throw in the backseat or the trunk of your car. Having a quality ice scraper is essential and to get the most for your money, you will want to look at the following options.

1. Handle

The handle needs to give you the ability to clean even hard to reach surfaces. An adjustable handle can allow you to choose different lengths with ease. When you pick-up an ice scraper, it should feel solid and easy to get a good grip while applying firm pressure.

2. Blade

A sharp and sturdy blade that ensures the windshield will not get scratch marks is ideal. There are flexible blades available that can conform better to the curves of windshields improving scraping performance.

blue ice scraper

3. Attachments

Does the ice scraper include a broom head, shovel and a squeegee? A broom head will move a whole lot of snow off a vehicle very quickly. If you’re region sees heavy snow accumulations then opt for a snow shovel remove snow before scraping the windshield. The squeegee is needed for clearing moisture and makes cleanup an absolute breeze when dealing with slushy, wet ice.

4. Chipper

A chipper is perfect for removing ice that has hardened on your windshield. It can easily remove ice off your windshield without scratching the glass.

Before choosing an ice scraper you will also need to think about all the factors involved like the size of your car, your flexibility and reach, where you will be storing the scraper and how fast you need it to work. Buying a new ice scraper is incredibly easy and there are a variety of options available on Amazon, Home Depot and Lowe’s.

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